Case studies

Explore our extensive portfolio of successful commercial and sales growth transformations. With a proven track record in driving transformations for over 50 global businesses across various sectors, including private equity, venture capital, and publicly listed organisations, many have emerged as industry-leading disruptors.

Discover our notable case studies below and contact us to explore how our engagement can drive transformative success in your business.

Elevating commercial excellence: overhauling processes for a prominent German building materials player

As a prominent participant in the German building materials market, the goal was to enhance commercial excellence through a comprehensive review of existing processes from inquiry to order. This involved implementing targeted sales reporting, reconfiguring Key Account management, establishing a streamlined process and data support for field sales teams, and creating service centres to efficiently manage an increased volume of customer inquiries.

Empowering global sales: standardised strategies and tools for enhanced cross-selling success

A premier global supplier of industrial components aimed to enhance its strength by strategically harnessing internal resources and leveraging external expertise. Recognising the distinct strengths of specific countries in selling particular products, the company aimed to extract valuable insights from success stories. Concurrently, the objective was to fortify its capacity to comprehensively understand customers and tailor approaches to align with their unique needs and preferences.

Harmonising value: a unified approach to value-driven pricing in a diverse enterprise conglomerate

A significant conglomerate of enterprises is dedicated to supplying essential contractors to both governmental and non-governmental entities, with a primary emphasis on functional domains such as finance and control. Across the diverse business units, a noticeable lack of uniformity existed in the approach to pricing for skilled personnel. Recognising the distinct advantage of aligning pricing structures more closely with the value delivered to customers, a consensus emerged on the potential benefits of such harmonisation.

Strategic expansion and operational enhancement: Transformative initiatives in the European childcare sector

As a notable presence in the European childcare sector, a strategic expansion into Germany was undertaken through the acquisition of an assemblage comprising 35 nurseries. Following an initial holding period, it became apparent that a comprehensive reassessment of fundamental processes was essential for enhancing operational efficiency, thereby positioning the business as a robust platform for subsequent organic and inorganic growth initiatives.

Unlocking value-based pricing excellence: crafting comprehensive insights and user-friendly tools for optimal recognition

Recognising a significant need for a thorough and systematic understanding of the factors influencing optimal pricing, the organisation aimed to align this framework with the perceived value by customers. Additionally, the objective was to empower the organisation to delve deeply into the determinants of various price points, thereby facilitating informed discussions with customers grounded in a comprehensive understanding of pricing dynamics.

Revitalising pricing strategies: a comprehensive growth overhaul for UK leading omnichannel mobility retailer

Positioned as a prominent omnichannel retailer in the UK's mobility sector, the company offers essential services to consumers through a combination of online and offline retail outlets. Recognising the pivotal role of pricing in strategic growth, the organisation sought to comprehensively review all facets of its pricing structure and realign its approach in accordance with emerging best practices.