Revitalising growth: a customer-centric journey from product to profitability within a MarTech company





Large enterprise


Media & Internet, Technology


Customer acquisition, People & talent, Pricing, Product market fit, Technology & process


Private equity

What they wanted

The company’s platform enabled client websites to be inclusive, whilst generating insights that optimised content, traffic and revenue. The private equity backed business wanted to transition from a product to a customer-centric focus — and double its annual recurring revenue.

What we did

  • Transitioned the GTM plan and product to a value-based selling model (to help customers realise a greater ROI and in turn increase the average selling price);
  • Delivered real-time visibility and collaboration across the business (from lead to cash); including people, process and technology (implemented and Clari);
  • Redefined GTM strategy and segmentation model (with an aligned sales incentive plan), focusing on businesses that were between $0.5bn to $2.0bn in annual revenues;
  • Implemented sales enablement and methodologies (MEDDIC, BANT) to improve forecast accuracy;
  • Re-built the GTM team to fit with the desired growth culture.

What was achieved

  • Increased average selling price (ASP) by 52%
  • Hired 6 full-time equivalent (FTE) account sales reps, constituting 24% of the team.
  • R2Q pipeline coverage achieved a ratio of 4.5x, with an advanced pipeline ratio of 2.0x.

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