Intelligence Platform

We harness cutting-edge technology to deliver best-in-class value creation through actionable insights and measurable impact.

With our ‘single source of truth’ you can make data-driven decisions more efficiently, from high-level overviews to granular details.

Common problems we solve

Data-driven management remains a challenge for small and medium enterprises due to the increasing fragmentation of their systems in the cloud. This fragmentation often makes essential data tools inaccessible. Yet, executives require transparency at every level, whether it’s strategic, operational, or financial.

Real-time business intelligence bought to you by Fortius Partners, powered by ValueWorks
  • Fragmented system landscape: need to access >6 different systems to comprehend the full picture.
  • No self-service capabilities for executives: reporting always depends on the availability of people.
  • Deep-drill visualisations: not available out-of-the-box, need to be created manually by reporting staff.

Modern day executive management system

We offer executives a user-friendly suite of analytics and AI tools for swift, informed decision-making. Regain control over your business with a tailored, intuitive experience that works out of the box or can be fully customised to suit your needs.

Fortius Partners - Management reporting

Management reporting

Make consolidate decisions based on the right data.

Fortius Partners - Investor reporting

Investor & board reporting

Most modern way of investor communications and alignment.

Fortius Partners - Execution and OKR

Execution & OKR management

Next generation agile management with OKR 2.0.

Fortius Partners - Growth excellence

Growth excellence

Manage growth with management view on the sales funnel.

Fortius Partners - Portfolio & Holding management

Fund & portfolio reporting

Intelligence platform enabling fund and portfolio visibility.

Out of the box

ValueWorks, Out of the Box Solution partnered with Fortius Partners

Management Consultant


The right KPIs, top management consultant like charts and benchmarks per industry.



Industry templates with easy customisation and personalisation capabilities in a no-code way.

Data-Scientist Consultant


Embedded explainable AI use cases with self-tuning algorithms by customer.


less effort to prepare investor reportings, funding rounds or management reportings.


cost savings compared to conventional BI projects.

lead time to decision based on easily accessible and real-time data visualisations.


growth acceleration. Companies that run ValueWorks are experiencing faster revenue and customer growth.

Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights

Ensure transparency on all levels of your business to be always fully informed and avoid unpleasant surprises that put your business at risk.

Strategic dashboard

Fortius Partners - Strategic Dashboard

Strategic dashboard is derived from your strategic goals and covers the key KPIs of your business plan.

Operational dashboard

Fortius Partners - Operational Dashboard

Operational dashboard covers the KPIs along your core processes and functions (e.g. customer- and product-related process and back-office).

Financial dashboard

Fortius Partners - Financial Dashboard

Following international reporting standards (Profit & loss statements in ‘Cost of sale’ methodology, liquidity planning, KPI tree).

ESG dashboard

Fortius Partners - ESG Dashboard

ESG dashboard covers your compliance to the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance standards with already incorporated benchmark values.

Custom dashboard

Fortius Partners - Custom Dashboard

Create custom dashboards for individual product areas & business functions based on existing and new defined KPIs.

Experience cutting-edge investor communications and alignment

Create your investor update in 15 minutes leveraging integrations to the source systems and automated KPI calculation.

Seamless process and intuitive workflow

Fortius Partners - Seamless process and intuitive workflow

We provide an intuitive user flow & superior design experience that makes creating an investor reporting easy and simple, by completely automating the process.

Create individual investor reporting templates

Fortius Partners - Create individual investor reporting templates

Choose from a KPI library with 100+ industry standard KPIs, define the list of recipients and add additional context in the form of e.g., an executive summary, an outlook or links to additional documents.

Collaborate with investors through comments

Fortius Partners - Collaborate with investors through comments

Enabling collaboration and exchange between company and investors. All users have one professional go-to-place for your investor updates.

Freeze your data to create a periodical investor reporting

Fortius Partners - Freeze your data to create a periodical Investor reporting

After quality check and approval, you can freeze your data to get a snapshot for your Investor reporting, so that the numbers are no longer updated and quality assurance of the numbers is ensured.

Perform investor readiness check vs. benchmarks

Fortius Partners - Perform investor readiness check vs. benchmarks

Perform an investor readiness check vs. benchmarks to identify areas of strength and weaknesses.

Embrace the future of agile management: unleash the power of OKR 2.0

Leveraging the existing integrations to operational systems and the related standard KPI library for the OKR module.

KPI Library for key results

Fortius Partners - KPI library for key results

A broad collection of over 100 industry-specific KPIs is available, which can be complemented by customer-specific KPIs

Automatic updates and live ranking of departments

Fortius Partners - Automatic updates and live ranking of departments

Actual values are reported automatically and continuously – without the need to check the figures. It also shows a team overview to gain insights in which team performs best.

OKR scheduler orchestrating the process with zero admin effort

Fortius Partners - OKR scheduler orchestrating the process with zero admin effort

Automatically manage the OKR process and send emails to the right audience with a link to the OKRs that need to be updated. Eliminating the need for an administrator.

AI-based OKR recommendations

Fortius Partners - AI-based OKR recommendations

Add AI-generated key result recommendations for your objectives.

Accelerate your growth: master the art of sales excellence

Get management-ready insights into your sales funnel in real time through out-of-the-box charts in the style of the top management consultants.

Out-of-the-box top management charts based on sales funnel visualisations

Fortius Partners - Sales Opportunities

Identify the most important opportunities in your sales funnel to mobilise all functions for deal closure.

Conversion and slipped deal analysis

Fortius Partners - Lead to Opportunity Conversion analysis

Perform a correct conversion calculation by comparing today’s snapshot with the past (unlike a CRM system, which always shows the most current values).

Sales cycle analysis

Fortius Partners - Sales cycle analysis

Understand the duration of each phase in the sales cycle for different customer segments and products in order to reduce the cycle time.

Cohert analysis

Fortius Partners - Cohort analysis

Identify patterns in customer behavior with the cohort analysis regarding churn, upselling over time, etc.

Sales forecast

Fortius Partners - Sales forecast

Perform sales forecasting by determining future revenue on a monthly level by probability based on existing and new contracts.

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