First steps to the cloud — mapping the journey

by | 21 Nov 2015

Mitul Ruparelia shares his experience on how communication service providers (CSP) have increased customer experience, delivered operational efficiencies, and created new revenue streams faster in the cloud.

Unlike an enterprise’s move to the cloud, CSPs may be further inhibited by the large volumes of data generated and held in the various customer support, marketing, network, and billing legacy systems that may still function in silos.

Despite this, we have helped CSPs to take advantage of the cloud in the fastest and most efficient way.

Learn how telcos can drive greater value, innovation and speed through the cloud.

Mitul Ruparelia

About Mitul Ruparelia

Mitul Ruparelia is a Managing Partner of Fortius Partners, a growth transformation partner for private equity and venture capital backed businesses. He has over 20 years of growing profitable, sustainable business units, defining strategy and leading sales, marketing, product, innovation, finance, raising investment and people management for established, underperforming, and scale-up businesses. He has helped companies scale to valuations of over $1 billion.

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