Empowering global sales: standardised strategies and tools for enhanced cross-selling success





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Customer acquisition, People & talent, Product market fit


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What they wanted

A premier global supplier of industrial components aimed to enhance its strength by strategically harnessing internal resources and leveraging external expertise.

Recognising the distinct strengths of specific countries in selling particular products, the company aimed to extract valuable insights from success stories.

Concurrently, the objective was to fortify its capacity to comprehensively understand customers and tailor approaches to align with their unique needs and preferences.

What we did

We gathered insights from sales employees operating at the grassroots level to understand the factors contributing to their success and identify variations in their approaches.

Through a systematic evaluation of effective strategies, we synthesised a universal approach that could be applied across diverse markets.

International sales personnel were then trained to adopt this standardised approach for product sales.

Additionally, we developed user-friendly sales tools to facilitate systematic data collection and enhance sales proficiency.

What was achieved

The client team displayed a high degree of openness in sharing effective selling methodologies used by top-performing sales personnel. Centralising these insights, a forum for knowledge dissemination was established, and pragmatic structures were implemented to facilitate the emulation of successful approaches by other sales team members. This involved creating practical tools, such as straightforward sales checklists, offering the team tangible and actionable changes.

Consequently, these measures fostered a team-wide adoption of an enhanced focus on cross-sales.

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