GTM design: optimising digital marketing channels and campaign prioritisation for premium sauna market growth





Small enterprise




Customer acquisition, Customer lifetime value, Product market fit


Small-cap private equity

What they wanted

As a leading producer of premium saunas, widely recognised within the industry for sauna excellence, the company has identified a growing market segment with significant potential. In response, a pioneering product has been introduced, requiring a novel strategy to effectively engage and capitalise on this emerging segment.

What we did

We meticulously examined the strategic approach for the novel segment, undertaking a comprehensive analysis to delineate a structured workstream for the development of requisite foundational elements.

Through a rigorous evaluation of accessible data and past experiences, we synthesised findings, formulated behaviour-driven customer segments, compiled an extensive list of channels, and identified specific touchpoints within the marketplace amenable to interception through highly focused and needs-oriented marketing messaging.

Subsequently, we meticulously constructed business cases for all forthcoming campaigns.

What was achieved

Our aim was to develop a method enabling the organisation to systematically create, evaluate, and prioritise performance marketing campaigns, ensuring only the most successful ideas are executed.

The framework devised represents an innovative methodology, supporting the team in making data-driven decisions about campaign execution and fostering continuous learning from results. This evolution leads to a formidable performance marketing entity.

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