Digital transformation and operating model design: revitalising growth in the mobility sector



The Netherlands


Large enterprise


Professional Services


Customer acquisition, Customer lifetime value, People & talent, Pricing, Product market fit, Technology & process, Value planning


Privately owned

What they wanted

The firm, a notable trade organisation in the mobility sector with over 8,000 enterprises under its umbrella, is renowned for its extensive network and prestigious quality mark. Companies seeking the guarantee must adhere to rigorous quality standards.

Faced with the need for transformation and growth, the aging firm sought to reposition itself. The overarching goal was to carefully analyse its value proposition and develop an operational model to drive sustainable success, leveraging its established market positioning.

What we did

After conducting a thorough examination of the marketplace, competitors, customer requirements, and core competencies, we compiled an extensive list of potential value proposition elements and services. Each of these elements underwent a rigorous financial business planning exercise to assess financial viability, enabling us to curate a refined set of propositions for implementation.

Subsequently, we meticulously designed a comprehensive launch and operating model, which included the technical architecture of the digital platform, organisational structure, and further refinement of the value proposition.

What was achieved

Through a collaborative effort spanning several months, we worked closely with the senior leadership team to meticulously define the optimal approach. The culmination of our collective efforts resulted in an approved and endorsed execution strategy. This provided the business with a well-established framework to seamlessly initiate the implementation of the new business, ensuring a swift and effective commencement.

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