Harmonising value: a unified approach to value-driven pricing in a diverse enterprise conglomerate



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What they wanted

A significant conglomerate of enterprises is dedicated to supplying essential contractors to both governmental and non-governmental entities, with a primary emphasis on functional domains such as finance and control.

Across the diverse business units, a noticeable lack of uniformity existed in the approach to pricing for skilled personnel. Recognising the distinct advantage of aligning pricing structures more closely with the value delivered to customers, a consensus emerged on the potential benefits of such harmonisation.

What we did

We conducted a comprehensive review across all business units, meticulously examining available data and engaging in interviews with key stakeholders throughout the organisation. This thorough assessment enabled us to gain insights into both differentiating factors and shared elements among the businesses.

Consequently, we developed a comprehensive perspective on the common value drivers, guiding our endeavour to formulate a unified approach to structure a pricing model that is inherently value-driven.

What was achieved

We formulated a sophisticated pricing mechanism and quotation engine, complemented by comprehensive process guidelines and training modules. This initiative aimed at establishing centralised control over pricing, affording us the flexibility to harmonise prices with market dynamics and competitive trends, while simultaneously managing overall profit margins.

Furthermore, we equipped the sales team with an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing pricing, thereby empowering them in their client interactions and discussions surrounding pricing structures.

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