Slump to growth: Turning a commodity enterprise service into exponential revenue surge, paving the way to Exit



USA, Germany


Large enterprise




Customer acquisition, Customer lifetime value, Exit planning, Pricing, Product market fit, Technology & process, Value planning


Private equity

What they wanted

This business was stuck selling a commodity service to enterprise clients. It struggled to differentiate itself, resulting in margin erosion and a significant slump in growth. The goal was to revitalise its underperforming sales organisation, drive revenue growth and attract increased M&A interest.

What we did

  • Transformed the commercial strategy away from content and media providers toward a lucrative focus on enterprise, including finance and banking;
  • Built growth through acquisition and development of new technologies and services; including System and Method for Intelligent Routeback (patented), which initiated new business growth from a saturated customer base;
  • Delivered change management initiatives and innovations to improve gross margin and efficiencies;
  • Developed a reseller model to support net-new business through partners and peering agreements;
  • Built a GTM strategy and operating plan for a globalised telco business unit to deliver $1bn by 2020 (18% CAGR 5yr period).

What was achieved

  • Grew annual recurring revenue (ARR) from $40 million to $350 million.
  • Improved net margin by 6-10% per annum.
  • Successfully underwent three mergers and acquisitions (M&As) within a span of four years.

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