Empowering global sales: standardised strategies and tools for enhanced cross-selling success

A premier global supplier of industrial components aimed to enhance its strength by strategically harnessing internal resources and leveraging external expertise. Recognising the distinct strengths of specific countries in selling particular products, the company aimed to extract valuable insights from success stories. Concurrently, the objective was to fortify its capacity to comprehensively understand customers and tailor approaches to align with their unique needs and preferences.

Dynamic value-based pricing: enhancing operational and commercial synergy in a global leader in aluminium coil coating

As a prominent player in aluminium coil coating, supplying essential stakeholders in the construction and automotive industries, the goal was to enhance operational and commercial alignment with the value delivered to customers.

Unlocking value-based pricing excellence: crafting comprehensive insights and user-friendly tools for optimal recognition

Recognising a significant need for a thorough and systematic understanding of the factors influencing optimal pricing, the organisation aimed to align this framework with the perceived value by customers. Additionally, the objective was to empower the organisation to delve deeply into the determinants of various price points, thereby facilitating informed discussions with customers grounded in a comprehensive understanding of pricing dynamics.