Elevating commercial excellence: overhauling processes for a prominent German building materials player





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What they wanted

As a prominent participant in the German building materials market, the goal was to enhance commercial excellence through a comprehensive review of existing processes from inquiry to order.

This involved implementing targeted sales reporting, reconfiguring Key Account management, establishing a streamlined process and data support for field sales teams, and creating service centres to efficiently manage an increased volume of customer inquiries.

What we did

Our initiative began with a thorough collection of detailed user stories, facilitating the design of tailored sales dashboards for each distinct user group. Subsequently, we delineated a structured account management approach, outlining the specific manner in which different customer segments should be served.

Simultaneously, a collaborative effort with field sales teams led to the development of a comprehensive blueprint and dashboard, catering to the needs of both leadership and field sales agents. Lastly, we established multiple service centres, complete with blueprints for all operational processes and recommendations for hiring.

What was achieved

The developed sales dashboards provide seamless access to pertinent data precisely when required, fostering unified views with distinct insights during meetings. This enhancement has translated into an elevated level of service for key customers, with account managers deriving benefits from clear guidelines on customer interactions.

The operational efficiency of the field sales force has markedly improved, owing to data-driven decision-making and a streamlined approach to monitoring and reporting at all levels.

Furthermore, customer requests are now handled in a structured and efficient manner, leading to a notable increase in the generation of quotes compared to previous practices.

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