Revitalising pricing strategies: a comprehensive growth overhaul for UK leading omnichannel mobility retailer



United Kingdom


Large enterprise




People & talent, Pricing, Technology & process


Private equity

What they wanted

Positioned as a prominent omnichannel retailer in the UK’s mobility sector, the company offers essential services to consumers through a combination of online and offline retail outlets.

Recognising the pivotal role of pricing in strategic growth, the organisation sought to comprehensively review all facets of its pricing structure and realign its approach in accordance with emerging best practices.

What we did

We conducted a thorough evaluation of our client’s pricing maturity across various critical dimensions, encompassing organisational structure, processes, tools, and strategy. This comprehensive assessment served as the foundation for devising key improvement programmes.

Notably, we introduced initiatives such as price alignment automation through Microsoft PowerBI, actively guiding and supporting the implementation of these enhancements within the organisation.

What was achieved

Upon reflection, it became evident that a fundamental transformation in the creation and analysis of insights was imperative to cultivate a business that consistently tests, learns, and adapts in response to customer behaviour and perception. This involved significant initiatives, such as the redesign of the pricing process and the development of automation tools. Additionally, adjustments were made to the organisational structure, and a thorough review and modification of strategy and positioning were undertaken to align with the evolving business paradigm.

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