Strategic proposition and operating model review: enhancing growth for a prominent UK tiles distributor



United Kingdom


Medium enterprise




Customer acquisition, Customer lifetime value, Product market fit, Value planning


Mid-market PE

What they wanted

A notable UK tiles distributor was acquired, with the aim of establishing a robust foundation for growth. To kickstart this process, our primary focus was to thoroughly evaluate customer perceptions of the brand, pinpoint areas within the value proposition needing refinement, and strategise ways to enhance and capitalise on key elements.

What we did

Our first step entailed a thorough analysis of all available data, resulting in the development of comprehensive overviews for the store network. This involved a meticulous segmentation of stores throughout the UK.

Subsequently, a selection of stores was identified for in-person customer surveys. To systematically capture valuable insights into customer perceptions, we crafted a structured questionnaire with the objective of discerning the key drivers of value from the customer’s perspective.

What was achieved

The findings obtained from the conducted survey provided us with invaluable insights, allowing us to develop a nuanced perspective on the targeted proposition and the subsequent transformation programme required.

Through meticulous analysis of the survey data, we gained a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiments, preferences, and expectations.

This wealth of information formed the bedrock of our strategic viewpoint, enabling us to identify not only the strengths and weaknesses of the current proposition but also to chart a clear pathway for the envisioned transformation programme.

This analytical approach empowered us to tailor our initiatives in harmony with discerned customer values, thereby fostering a more informed and effective transformation strategy.

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