Channel partner ecosystem

When is the right time to scale, expand or enter new markets?

Expansion can be a minefield for growing businesses, especially those driven by ego or overly enthusiastic investors.

Premature scaling often precedes failure, but businesses with a solid foundation and strategy can scale or expand with confidence.

For example, international expansion often begins by establishing a strong channel partner strategy. This means developing a local ecosystem of channel partners that assists in selling, installing and supporting the products and services in new territories.

The customer acquisition cost (CAC) may be higher in new verticals, but that is not a concern if the core business is strong. Once a foothold is established, other opportunities become available.


A business wanted to demonstrate a global footprint in advance of an investment round. We helped the company develop a worldwide channel partner strategy that included resellers, distributors and integrators. This allowed them to acquire customers in North America, the Middle East and Asia without the need for local legal entities, sales teams or infrastructure.

In the first year, this strategy added $7.3m in new revenue and played a key role in securing investment at an increased valuation.

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