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To achieve transformational growth, you require effective leadership and a growth mindset culture. We can assist with building high-performing go-to-market (GTM) teams. Our services encompass enablement, coaching, engagement, retention strategies, performance, and sales incentive management, as well as governance and process design. With our expertise, we help you cultivate a culture of growth and develop leaders who drive your business towards success.

We recognise that successful transformational growth requires more than just a strategy. It demands strong leadership and a culture that embraces continuous improvement and innovation. We can help you in the following areas:

1. Go-to-market (GTM) team enablement

How can you equip your GTM teams with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to excel in their roles? We provide enablement programmes and resources to empower your teams and enhance their performance.

2. Coaching and engagement strategies

How can you inspire and motivate your teams to consistently achieve their best? Our coaching and engagement strategies focus on developing individual and team capabilities while fostering a positive and high-performing culture.

3. Retention strategies

How can you attract and retain top talent within your GTM teams? We assist you in designing effective retention strategies that recognise and reward the contributions of your employees, ensuring their long-term commitment to your organisation.

4. Performance and sales incentive management

How can you align performance metrics and incentives to drive desired outcomes and reward success? We help you design performance measurement frameworks and sales incentive programmes that encourage and drive performance excellence.

5. Governance and process design

How can you establish effective governance structures and processes to streamline operations and maximise efficiency? Our expertise in governance and process design enables you to establish clear guidelines, improve decision-making and optimise resource allocation.

By leveraging our services, you can create a culture of growth, develop strong leaders and build high-performing GTM teams that propel your business towards transformational growth.

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Scenario 1

A NYSE-listed company had once owned a significant percentage of the global smartphone market but had failed to innovate or differentiate. It was nearing bankruptcy. We helped to turnaround the business from a hardware to a software business. This required rebuilding the GTM teams (equating to 120+ people across sales, marketing, customer success, professional services, pre-sales and SDRs).

With the enablement and coaching, we also implemented a refreshed sales playbook, covering strategic programs, deal support, customer discoveries, value selling methodologies and a sales incentive/compensation model to help attract, recruit, retain and grow talent.

Scenario 2

A European client was struggling with low morale, poor performance and employee attrition during the pandemic. At the same time, the client’s C-suite were inundated with escalations and were unable to assess (or address) the underlying cause.

We did a company-wide talent and performance assessment, identifying the unsustainable performance expectations that were driving the issues. From there, we were able to coach and promote second-line management, break down silos, drive faster decision-making and retain key talent.

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Hiring for performance and coaching for excellence service. Attracting and retaining a world-class team requires a well-thought-out talent strategy, an enticing employee value proposition and an authentic culture.

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